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Hawai'i Island

If this is your first time on the Island of Hawai'i, we're sure you will fall in love with it just as we did. If you're returning, well, you already know what we're talking about. Below is a slide show featuring our favorite places. Pictures are arranged in roughly clockwise order around the island, starting at our own front door. All photos taken by B.J. or Amy.

  • Mauna Kea seen on a walk from our condo to the beach at sunset.
  • The sun sets over the beach and fish ponds at our favorite beach.
  • A sea turtle naps on the beach at Anaeho'omalu Bay.
  • This sea turtle looks particularly comfortable at Mauna Lani resort.
  • The sun sets at Mauna Kea Beach.
  • Snow-capped Mauna Kea towers over ranch lands outside Waimea.
  • Maui is just 30 miles from the northern tip of the Big Island.
  • The harsh, dry lava desert gives way to lush coastal resorts.
  • It is said that King Kamehameha I was born at or near this ancient Hawaiian site.
  • Demolished in 2009, this lighthouse once protected shipping from the rocky northern shores of the Big Island.
  • First in a series of valleys carved by rushing water.
  • The short hike to the beach is easy, coming back up is a workout.
  • Spectacular, secluded, silent. It is easy to see why early Hawaiians revered this place.
  • Where else can you walk right up to water falling hundreds of feet into the sea?
  • Water plunges 420 feet into the pool below.
  • A short hike through the forest reveals hidden treasures.
  • The wisest of all the trees.
  • Volcanically heated fresh water mixes with salt water.
  • Kilauea is said to be the home of the Hawaiian goddess Pele.
  • Kilauea is said to be the home of the Hawaiian goddess Pele.
  • Recently a new vent opened within Kilaeua crater, spewing tons of toxic volcanic gasses each day.
  • The ocean begins to destroy the land as soon as it is created.
  • Living on reefs the world over, only in Hawaii do they appear in such numbers.
  • Geckos are considered very good luck. These guys joined us for breakfast one day.
  • Exploring the coffee growing region above Kona.
  • The friendliest fish around, perhaps a bit too friendly.
  • One of the few black sand beaches near Kona.
  • Behind the beach at Makole'a are a number of spring-fed pools.
  • The 15 minute walk from the parking lot is well worth it.
  • Very difficult to get to - very worth the effort.
  • Swimming with the turtles at Kikaua beach.
  • Swimming at Kiholo bay seems like swimming in the sky.
  • Bali House, an ornate beach house located at Kiholo Bay.

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