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Gearing Up

We always bring our own gear when we come to Hawai'i, but depending upon how far you will be traveling and how many dives you plan on making, you can also choose to rent gear on-island. If you will be going out on one of the many available boat tours, gear is always available for rent with advance notice.

How Thick a Wetsuit Will I Need?
Water temperatures are quite consistent, but do vary by season. In October, the water is at its warmest, with surface temperatures into the low 80's. At 50 feet, the water is still pretty nice at 79 to 80 degrees. In February, the water is at its coldest, cooling down 5 degrees or so across the board. We've seen dive guides make a dive in shorts and a T-shirt, but it looked pretty chilly to us! In general if you are a real polar bear, a 2 mil shorty might work. On the other hand, if you have very little body fat, a 5/3 full suit is recommended. B.J. wears a 3 mil full suit and Lauren (who has very little body fat) wears a 3 mil full suit with a 2 mil shorty over it.

Traveling with Your Own Gear
Please see our Hints & Tips section for important information on caring for and storing your gear during your stay at our condo.

Renting Gear
The average price for Scuba Gear seems to be around $10 per "piece" per day. For example, renting everything might look something like this:

Mask, Fins, Snorkel $10.00
Regulator 10.00
Tank 10.00
BC 10.00
Weights 10.00
Wetsuit 10.00
TOTAL $60.00

As you can see, whatever you can bring from home will save you, especially if you will be making several dives.

Of course, you will undoubtedly be renting at least tanks and weights. All the boat excursions we've heard of include tanks and weights as part of your fee. For shore diving, figure around $20 per person for tanks and weight. Our favorite shop for this is located just across the road from our condo in the Queen's Marketplace. It's a full service shop called Blue Wilderness Dive Adventures - we talk more about these guys in our Shore Diving section.


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