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Hints & Tips

Please take a moment to read this section. It will give you important information regarding using our condo as a base camp for your diving adventure!

Washing Your Gear
Even if you've rented your gear, the shop will request you return it rinsed in fresh water. Of course, if you have your own, you'll want to rinse it well after the days diving is done. Please do not rinse your gear inside the condo. There is a convenient hose located at the far end of the complex (see map below).

Drying Your Gear
Our homeowners association has implemented very strict rules against hanging anything out to dry in either the forecourt or lanai (balcony) of any unit. Please do not air dry your gear in these places. The one exception is if you are out on the lanai with the gear.

We use a multi-part process which works quite well. After rinsing our gear we carry it up to the front door. We use our beach towels to bundle the gear into the master bath, where we initially dry our masks, fins, BCs and regs in the tub; and hang our wetsuits in the shower. If you are an early riser, at night you can move your now no-longer-dripping gear to the lanai, one night in the tradewinds will finish things off. Just make sure you are up early to move everything back inside before anyone notices. We won't tell, we promise!

Please Respect Our Home: A note on sand and water damage
This is our home, we take great care to keep it in top condition for all who enjoy it. Please be very aware that sand and water can significantly damage the floors and other surfaces. Bundle wet gear into a beach towel when carrying it inside, and always mop up any drips promptly. Never carry sandy items into the house for any reason. Rinse all sand off outside before entering.

Damage caused by water and sand is grounds for loss of your damage deposit.


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