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Island Weather

Hawaii has the worlds most spectacular weather. Beautiful 85 degree days lead to balmy 75 degree nights. The Waikoloa Beach area takes tropical weather to the next level, featuring daily sunshine (only 10 inches of rain a year), less humidity, and cooling tradewinds.

What to Wear

Of course you'll be spending a lot of time in warm weather, so sunglasses, shorts, sandals, and loose fitting shirts are required. And bring whatever beach wear suits your fancy as well. If you'll be spending an evening at one of the finer restaurants, ladies will want a nice dress and men will want some nice slacks or shorts and perhaps a conservative aloha shirt.

If you will be visting:

Mauna Kea...
It's cold, so cold that skiing is possible in winter. Bring long pants and a jacket. Some of the tours will provide parkas as part of the deal, but if you're heading up on your own, warm clothes are essential.

Waimea Ranchlands...
This country is cool, even when it's hot elsewhere, and fog often blankets the landscape. In the evenings, you will be grateful for a pair of jeans and a light jacket.

The Volcano...
Weather is changeable here, so bring layers. The altitude varies, and at the high elevations it can get quite cool.

Weather Center

Please note, Kailua-Kona is the closest weather station to Waikoloa Beach Resort. In general it is a few degress warmer with a much lower chance of precipitation at Waikoloa Beach Resort.

Hawai'i Local Time


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